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Aaron & Kayla at Valley Mills Farm

I met with Aaron & Kayla at Valley Mills Farm for a beautiful evening stroll through this older rustic 1800's grist mill farm. The beautiful shade trees, small creek settings and rustic charm made this the perfect location for their engagement session.

Now I must say, every couple has their thing, and most of the time people are somewhat shy and reserved, especially when working with someone they just met, but to see what I see when photographing couples...well, with Aaron and Kayla you could tell it from the start!

For me, I thought it was so sweet to see the way that Aaron looked at Kayla.

He was constantly looking at her with this love that was almost unexplainable. Kinda like Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. (I just love the older black and white films)

The barn area is so beautiful! The sun coming through the trees and the grounds covered in wildflowers and daisies you couldn't ask for a better setting!

Aaron was telling me about a shot he wanted to create...when he comes home he says that Kayla is usually fixing dinner and he will softly wrap his arms around her from behind and tell her how much he's missed her and loves her, then gives a soft kiss on her neck. (How romantic is that!!)

I think we captured it! :)

I'm so happy for these two and can't wait until next year to be able to capture their wedding day!

Congratulations Aaron & Kayla!

xoxo, Mary

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